By Tommy H. Thomason

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Halcyon Days -1958

Once upon a time, specifically January 1958 aboard Saratoga. The picture was taken by Aviation Week's Pete Bulban. Two F8U-1 Crusaders are on the angled deck catapults, one with the wing up and the other with the wing down and folded. ADs are taxiing either to the bow catapults or for a deck run, with a widebody AD-5W at the far left. The airplane and tail in the foreground are F3H-2 Demons, a much maligned airplane but actually a relatively long-serving workhorse. The Crusader may have been capable of 1,000 mph, but on a dark and stormy night it was the Demon that would be aloft protecting the carrier from a bomber threat.

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