By Tommy H. Thomason

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loading the Sting

They got to see the world but there was hard work along the way when your job was arming the airplanes:

Here, deckhands are loading a torpedo on a T4M-1 aboard Saratoga (CV-3) in May 1929.
National Archives 80G-21692

This is a 1,000-lb bomb being slung under a Marines Corps BG-1 dive bomber in February 1937.
National Archives 80G-216907

Being part mountain goat didn't hurt at times, particularly when the job was loading ammunition in the folded wings of a Grumman FM-1 Wildcat aboard Mission Bay (CVE-59) in January 1944.
 National Archives 80G-229237

But it wasn't all rough duty. Sometimes it was bombing up a Martin PM-1 seaplane at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in October 1933...
National Archives 80G-216911

National Archives 80G-216914

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