By Tommy H. Thomason

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Final Chapter

The Supreme Court has heard arguments on the dispute over who owes who how much in the settlement of the 1988 contract between the Navy and its contractors, General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing), to develop the A-12 Avenger. See Here for the New York Times report. The decision is expected this summer.

For my prior blogs on this long running, multimillion-dollar gift to the legal profession over a multibillion-dollar claim and counterclaim, see here, here, here, and here.

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UrbanGhosts said...

This is interesting news and I didn't realise a decision was due on the A-12 legal proceedings this summer. Definitely a long time coming! I read that there might have been an earlier technology demonstrator (General Dynamics Model 100, or Sneaky Pete??), whose continued classified status may be due to these ongoing legal proceedings? Obviously this is conjecture, but I wonder, should the A-12 issues be resolved, if anything else might soon after pop out of the woodwork... That might be way out of left field but it's an exciting possibility!